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Most apps fail. But contrary to common belief, it's not due to competition or bad ideas—apps fail because of poor user experience and lack of marketing. With 21 actionable strategies, Tapping In shows you how to edge out the competition, hook users with an amazing user experience, make your app habit-forming and spread via word of mouth.

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About the author

David is currently the co-founder and principal strategist at Greygoo. He previously founded Emerge Digital, a web consultancy acquired by Upshot in 2009. Along the way he co-created ReachMail, an email marketing platform, which was acquired by ReachMail, Inc. in 2008. He’s written for numerous blogs and magazines since beginning his career in 1996. Tapping In is his first book.

Book contents


Chapter 1 - Don't Get Uninstalled
Strategy 1: Make UX Your Unfair Advantage
Strategy 2: Onboarding: Create A Killer First Impression
Strategy 3: Demonstrate Value Immediately
Strategy 4: Design Frictionless Navigation
Strategy 5: Be Unbreakable
Strategy 6: Use Registration Wisely
Strategy 7: Be Accessible

Chapter 2 - Stay Top Of Mind
Strategy 8: Nudge, Don't Push
Strategy 9: Use Email As Your Secret Weapon
Strategy 10: Personalize
Strategy 11: Provide A Platform To Create
Strategy 12: Learn, Optimize and Update

Chapter 3 - Become A Habit
Strategy 13: Make Using Your App A Habit
Strategy 14: Create A Rewarding Experience
Strategy 15: Go Viral

Chapter 4 - Get Found
Strategy 16: Making A Great App Landing Page
Strategy 17: Develop A Great ASO Strategy

Chapter 5 - Get Downloaded
Strategy 18: Test Your Concept
Strategy 19: Stand Out
Strategy 20: Update Often

Chapter 6- Formulate A Solid Plan
Strategy 21: Ask The Right Questions
From Concept To Launch